About Us

We are a local registered community-based organization providing long-term, development support and empowerment to communities affected by poverty and unequal access to services.

As part of the strategy platform, CIFCAD focus on working with communities to upscale their ideas, create platforms for growth and achieve sustainable solutions.


Our Mission

To support and deliver locally sustainable and quality solutions to grassroot communities to enable them gain control of their future

Our Core Values


We are responsible to the grassroot community and we ensure we carry out our work in ethical ways.


We deliver sustainable, quality, and impactful results in timely manner. 


We work in partnership with partners, stakeholders, and local communities to have sustainable solutions


We always remain accountable to the communities, both as individuals and collectively for every action, behaviors as well as results

Our Vision

Empower every human to live in a dignified way

Our Key Focus


Women Economic Empowerment

Climate Change and Clean Cooking Energy

Gender Equality and Transformative Leadership

Leadership and Governance



We celebrate all our valued partners and Volunteers