CIFCAD team is on a journey to empower rural communities in a dignified way. The team has been traversing rural areas across different counties in Kenya helping vulnerable women build resilience, farm responsibly and respond to climate change in adaptable way. Further, CIFCAD has been running a school mentorship program targeting students with the aim of breaking the cycles of poverty in rural areas through education.

We intend to expand our outreach and pursue new frontiers this year. CIFCAD invites your support towards school and rural engagements by contributing towards procurement of a van that will help to cut down on logistical/transport costs and improve the mobility of the team.  CIFCAD is also seeking to acquire space and put up a model training center where rural women will access free training and demonstrations to regenerative agriculture and access to markets. The initial acquisition cost is USD 150,000.


CIFCAD has a team of dedicated beautiful souls spreading love, infecting rural communities with resilience knowledge and students with reasons to scale new heights of education.  Below is a sample blog on women resilience

Please find more information about CIFCAD work on our website-

Welcome on board and journey with us to achieve this dream.

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